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“donneglamour.tv” television broadcast with prize money worth €53,500

  • 1st place € 25,000
  • 2nd place € 10,000
  • 3rd place € 5,000
  • from 4th to 13th € 1,000 each
  • from 14th to 20th € 500 each.

Programme structure

Tutti i giorni, dal lunedì al venerdì, verrà messa in onda la trasmissione. In ogni puntata parteciperanno 2

The programme will be broadcast every day, from Monday to Friday.
Each episode will be attended by 2 candidates who will speak in video connection for 25 minutes.
1 of the 2 candidates for each episode will advance to the next round.
Semifinal and final will be carried out live at the studios of VeraTV.
The candidates will be guests of the organization for 4 days, transfer expenses are not recognized.


The score of each episode will be composed as follows:

  • 30 points JURY
  • 40 points SOCIAL
  • 30 points HOST

The Jury

30 punti saranno assegnati dalla giuria in studio (o in videocollegamento) composta da TRE esperti del s

30 points will be awarded by the jury in the studio (or in video link) composed of THREE experts in the field (photographers, visagists, directors, show business, models, journalists etc etc).
Each juror will have 10 points to divide between the two competitors.
You may also decide to assign the entire score to a single competitor.
For example:

JURY 1 will assign

  • 5 points to COMPETITOR A
  • 5 points to COMPETITOR B

JUROR 2 will award

  • 3 points to COMPETITOR A
  • 7 points to COMPETITOR B

JUROR 3 will award

  • 3 punti a CONCORRENTE A
  • 2 points to COMPETITOR A
  • 8 points to COMPETITOR B


The 40 points will be awarded thanks to the social results, that is to say the likes that the video chosen by the editorial staff for each contestant will receive.
The video will be posted the day after the airing of the episode on Instagram and on the website donneglamour.tv.
Let’s assume that the episode airs on a Monday: on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. each girl’s video from the previous night will end up on social, ready for the “likes” of social users.
The likes received over a week will be recorded and the “like” count will be completed seven days later, that is always on Tuesday at 10:30 am.
The result will be announced the same evening, that is eight days after the episode, during the broadcast a few hours later.
Let’s make a concrete example of how the score will be calculated.
In seven days COMPETITOR A has obtained 1003 likes
while COMPETITOR B has obtained 520 likes
In this case we will make the proportion:
1523 (the sum of the total votes):100 = 1003: x
x = 65,8
So 65,8% of 40 goes to the first competitor
The remaining 34.2% to the second contestant
That is 26.32 points for the first contestant and 13.68 for the second contestant.

The host

A bit like what happens in other shows, the host will be able to overturn the result or confirm it, assigning 30 points that can be divided between the two girls. The judgment will be based on the sensuality and charm expressed by each contestant.
Also in this case, as for the jurors, the host will be able to divide this amount of points as he likes.

For example:

  • 15 points to COMPETITOR A
  • 15 points to COMPETITOR B


  • 30 points to COMPETITOR A
  • 15 points to COMPETITOR B

The vote of the host and the likes of the public will be known only at the time of making known the name of the winner. So eight days after the airing of the episode.

Broadcast regulations


All women from any European nation above the age of 18 who post videos and images of an erotic, not pornographic, nature on the “Instagram” social media platform can participate in the broadcast. During registration and during the initial phase of participation, it is possible to send material already published on social networks. From the round of final it will be necessary for the candidates to provide unpublished material not published on any Instagram profile.

Registration form

In order participate it is necessary to fill out the participation form in its entirety, available here: REGISTRATION FORM. It is mandatory to provide all the requested information in detail.

Consent to data processing

The sending of the photos constitutes explicit authorisation for their collection, processing and free distribution (on televisions, newspapers, websites and social networks of VeraTV channel 79 and of the company TVP Italy srl, holder of the brand) and for their use for the promotion of the programme according to Legislative Decree101/2018 (GDPR – Reg EU 679/2016). The data entered during the registration phase (name, telephone number, Skype user name) will be exclusively sent to the editorial staff and used for administrative and transparency activities that are strictly linked to checking the authenticity of the material.

Delivery methods

The photos and videos (20 photos and 2 videos, maximum 30 seconds each) must be sent to the following email address: donneglamour.tv@gmail.com

Acceptance of material

The mere sending of photos and videos does not guarantee participation in the programme, which must be explicitly selected by the organisers. The candidates selected for the programme will be contacted by the secretary, who will inform the participants on which date they will be connected for the programme.


The photos and videos received for the programme will be retained and stored in the broadcaster’s archive. The photos and videos of the participants will be stored on the video servers of special online services, such as YouTube or Vimeo, in an Instagram channel called “DonneGlamour.tv”.

Acceptance of the Regulations

Participation in the programme implies full acceptance of these regulations.


  • 10 Final
  • 20 semi-final
  • 40 quarter-finals
  • 80 fifth round
  • 160 fourth round
  • 320 third round
  • 640 second round
  • 1280 first selection round


  • 1
  • 2
  • 4
  • 8
  • 16
  • 32
  • 64
  • 128

Extra Prize initiative “Click the Ambassador” on donneglamour.tv

Each candidate will have a dedicated page on www.donneglamour.tv whose link, provided with a tracking code, will be given to each contestant in order to promote it with their followers and supporters. At the end of the main competition, a ranking will be drawn up of the pages that have obtained the highest number of visits (counted via Google Analytics tracking). Prizes will be awarded to the three “Ambassadors” who have shared their page the most through the link assigned:

  • 1st Ambassador €1500
  • 2nd Ambassador €1000
  • 3rd Ambassador €500

* Safeguard Clause

The goal of the organisation is to make 255 episodes. If this production is not achieved, the prize pool will be reduced in proportion to the number of episodes made.